What’s Different about Working with CME Websites?

Let’s Start with Design

At CME Websites, we actually do design!  Based on the number of pre-made templates and canned layouts available today, you could be forgiven for thinking that web design is a lost art.

Not so!

Our design and layout artists dedicate themselves to crafting the right look and feel for your website.  We create a visual marketing statement that is unique to your business, engages the interest and emotions of your audience, and helps to keep your brand top-of-mind for your target market.

When a potential customer clicks from one website to another, yours should stand apart from its competitors.  Before a visitor reads a single word, your website must capture their imagination and provide a favorable impression.  Exceptional design wins every time!

Add in Business Success as our Goal

When choosing a web developer, consider the investment you are making.  Are you putting a few words and pictures online, or are you standing up to the competition and standing out to your potential customers?  At CME, we hope your concerns are about achieving business success, and that you appreciate how critical your website is to that success.

  • With any new client, our first thoughts are about how to help you succeed in your marketplace.  HTML coding is, literally, the last thing on our minds.
  • We want to know why you’re different, how you do a better job than your competitors, and what keeps your customers coming back again, and again.
  • We strive to understand who your customers are, their age group and demographics.  Our job isn’t to make a pretty design, it’s to appeal to a critical audience – yours!
  • Ideally, we determine where and how your customers interact with the Internet.  Do they search Google using particular keywords?  Are they on Facebook or Twitter?  How do we reach them effectively within your marketing budget?

And Take It One Predictable Step at a Time

The one thing we work very hard to avoid are surprises.  Over the years we have developed a very careful and deliberate protocol – steps that help get you from the beginning to the end of your project safely, successfully, and on budget.  Follow our lead, and we’ll get you there.

It starts with a Discovery Meeting and a Website Questionnaire.  We work together, collecting all the information and resources needed to develop your website.  We design the look and feel of your site and review it with you for approval. Finally, the site is built in a “staging” environment for your full review as a working website. Upon your approval your new site is launched live!



At a glance, your website must communicate with the right audience, alleviate their fears, be easy to use, offer compelling content, and inspire hope that they’re making the right choice.


Color choices and image selection are important. An audience of Engineers is simply not moved by the same visual presentation that can appeal to Crafters, Lawyers, or Home Owners, etc.


Language is critical too. Each audience has its own reading level, its own sense of what sounds professional and convincing.


The user experience must be simple and smooth, avoiding fanciful, high-tech annoyances when the only thing new offered is a frustrating experience.

Ready to {Design} Your Success Online?

We would love to meet with you to discuss your project.


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