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Natural CO2 Bags are designed to promote green plant growth in greenhouses and other enclosures.  The mycelium in the bag provide an excellent source of organic CO2 generation for weeks, helping.

As this was a new product for a newly formed company, CME helped develop the name and tried various logo design sketches before Natural CO2 Bags was settled on.

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Graphic Design


Once the name was determined, CME developed the labeling for the bags.  Since Natural CO2 Bags liked the initial website designs, the label was designed with much of the same sensibilities.  We stressed the natural aspects of the product with the healthy greenery and the sunbeams.  The green boxes on the right emphasized some of the selling points that made Natural Co2 Bags stand out from their competition.


This shows the website design from top to bottom.  CME wanted the sunbeams in the background emanate from the logo toward the greenery at the bottom.  The page footer, in earthy brown, shows the roots of healthy plants.


Because of the unique nature of the product and the scientific background behind how it works, CME developed an info graphic to help explain Natural CO2 Bags to potential users.

Website Design Greensburg

Infographic Design Greensburg
Help with Amazon Store
Help setting up ebay store


E-commerce was a big component of this project.  While they wanted to sell their product through PayPal on their own site, the real intention was to sell through an Ebay Store and an Amazon Store.  CME Websites worked with the staff at Natural CO2 Bags to establish both stores and get the products set up to sell.



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