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The name “International Vault” describes the company perfectly.  They sell vaults of all kinds in the US and around the world – from bank vaults to military vaults to medical vaults.

For this project, CME Websites partnered with FSEO Corp in York PA.  FSEO had been running Google Adwords campaigns and suggested a new site to International Vault.  CME designed and wrote the site, taking SEO (Search Engine Optimization) into account in all the decisions we’ve made.

CME needed to approach several higher-end audiences.  These vaults are for banks, governmental agencies, military, police, pharmaceutical businesses, and wealthy home owners.  The look and feel of the site needed to reflect professionalism and quality.  The home page images added and the image based menus helps users find what they need on the site.

Search engine optimization was a critical component of International Vault’s site.  We used a number of techniques to craft the site for the search engines as well as the various target audiences. Every word in the headlines and text throughout the site was carefully selected to maximize the on-page optimization.


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