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When Scott Hopkin started his company, he hit the ground running.  He had been manufacturing welding cable connectors for another company for years.  He knew the product and he knew manufacturing.  When the distributor decided to drop the product line, he was ready to pick up the business, marketing it on his own.

CME developed the logo for Hopkin as a first step in his marketing efforts, then moved on to a business card.

For the business card, brochure and website, photographs were critical. Since Scott was just getting started, he didn’t have any product photos. CME arranged for photography, provided art direction, then photo clipping and manipulation for all of the product photos used on the business card, website, brochure.


Web Designer Latrobe
Web Design Latrobe
Web Design Latrobe
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Graphic Design Latrobe


In addition to providing art direction on a 1 page brochure, CME designed packaging for Hopkin Cable Connectors. This 2 sided card featured directions, specs, and safety information on the back of the card.  The card and the cable connector slide into plastic packaging.

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Finally, we designed a website for HopkinWelds.com.  This site provides basic information, provides credibility, displays the products, and provides product specs.

We designed a “Find a Distributor” map.  Users can click on their state to find nearby locations that distribute Hopkin’s products.

Visit the website: www.HopkinWelds.com

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516 Lowry Avenue
Jeannette, PA 15644


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