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CME began working with Drug Testing Program Management (DTPM) in early 2016.  They came to us for our help with Web2Workflow.  Our workflow consultants work with DTPM regularly.  Leads from the DTPM website are automatically dropped into their backend system and assigned to the sales team for followup.  CME helped improve the sales process by simplifying the workflow, using the system to generate proposals, and automating tasks and assignments.




From there, our relationship grew.  CME took over the website and, by partnering with our sister company CME Integrations, the Magento store.

CME redesigned the website with a new look consistent with DTPM’s new logo. We rewrote the content to better explain what the company does and to improve the SEO (search engine optimization) of the site.

With CME Integrations, we completely overhauled the store to match the new site.  CME Integrations put considerable effort into customizing modules to improve the functionality of the store and reorganizing products to make products easier to find.

CME has completed graphic design for proposals, sales sheets, magnets, mouse pads and other printed materials needed by DTPM.


Once the site and store was completed and launched, we began a full digital marketing campaign to get and nurture leads.  CME manages a full range of coordinated services – from mining the store for useful data, to blogging, newsletters, social media, online advertising and search marketing – all designed to bring prospective customers to the site.  We’re pleased that early in the campaign, DTPM has converted a number of leads into high value customers.

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