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Derm Creations is a wonderful client to work with.  They came to CME with three fantastic new products ready to go to market.  Derm needed a little of everything and CME was up to the challenge.

We started by enhancing the existing Derm Creations logo and developing a logo tag for “The Oxygen Solution” – a trademarked phrase that Derm hopes to use on a family of products.  Each of the products needed a logo as well.  We wanted something that would stand alone with unique colors and shape for each – but would also work as a family.  Oxygen is the basis for all three products, so the O2 Bubble and ring were used consistently on all three.

Package design, greensburg

Logo design greensburg


Once the logos were developed, we started on the product design.  We worked with Derm Creations in researching different possible containers. We knew we needed a unique container to help brand each product – but we also had to meet specific specifications to best preserve and protect the gel.

Once we had the selected containers and knew the sizes, we started on the labels.  We found a local label printer, Yerecic Label, and worked with their experts to develop our concepts into final artwork that would print well and meet all of the technical requirements.

Market research

Because these are new products, we wanted to do some research before starting on the website and other marketing materials.  There are other oxygen-based cosmetics on the market, and natural pain relievers and pet products.  We spent time researching these products and the words they use (and their customers use) when talking about these products.

CME Websites took this research and created word clouds.  These clouds makes the most commonly repeated words in the dataset larger and less common used words smaller, making it easier to see what the competitors and their customers consider most important. This research guides our word usage in social media, the websites, and other marketing materials.

We developed three different websites – one for each product.  Each has a unique look and uses colors from the logo and incorporates product photography, stock photos, and infographics.

CME wrote unique content for each site that targets the different audiences, describing both the unique nature of each product and touching on the science behind it.  While we were conscious that not all users would be interested in the science behind the development of these topical gels, we felt that some level of science demonstrated the credibility of the gels.

For, we developed a loyalty program with points to receive free product from purchases, reviews, and social shares.  CME also worked out shipping and packaging issues with the manufacturer and is establishing an Amazon store.





We had an interesting challenge with the O2 Derm Creations was explaining the product. It’s a new product and a fairly original concept.  We wanted to explain the complexities of the science and the various uses for each of the products in an easy-to-understand visual way.

We developed two infographics for Relief, Pet, and Silk.  With each info graphic branded in the products colors.

One infographic explained the science behind the product, providing information about the patented manufacturing process. It helped to explain the concepts of the dissolved oxygen and nitrous oxide and the microbubbles of both gasses.

The other explained more about how the product can be used.  Relief targets sprains, strains, and sore muscles.  Silk is ideal for wrinkles, blemishes, eczema and dried skin. Pet is for treating pain, hot spots, dry skin, bug bites and more for your dog, cat, horse or other pet.  Each infographic visually explains the product use in a style that matches each website.

Infographics Pittsburgh
infographics pittsburgh
infographics greensburg


Once the products were ready to ship, we added a few printed pieces.  We needed an instruction card to ship with the product. We designed one generic card that could be used for any of the three products.  The front provides basic information about how to use the gels and the back cross sells the three different products.

Derm Creations had the idea for an Ambassador program.  Even as they were testing their product, they were getting great word-of-mouth.  We created a “business card” for Ambassadors to hand out with their code written on the back.  This gives potential customers a $5 savings, while Derm can track each Ambassador’s success.


CME Websites manages Facebook and Twitter campaigns for Pet, Silk, and Relief.  Below are examples of a few of the social media graphics we’ve created.

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