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Your domain name is the web address by which your website is known.  In addition to your website, settings at your domain name may control your email, web-statistics, database functions, and more.

You may register your domain name(s) for one or more years.  Registration must be kept current.

If a domain is allowed to expire, services associated with that domain (such as a website and email services) will cease.

Domain Registration

CME is a domain name reseller through Enom, Inc.

At CME, we pride ourselves in delivering exceptional customer service where domain names are concerned.  To register a domain name with CME Websites, please call us at 724-523-3001 during regular business hours: Monday through Friday, 8:30 am to 5:00 pm, Eastern Standard Time.

Domain Expirations and Renewal

At CME, we begin our Domain Expiration and Renewal reminder process at 60 days prior to the expiration of your domain.

  • Between 40 and 60 days prior to your domain expiration, CME sends a personalized email from our email address, along with an invoice for the renewal of your domain name(s).
  • Due to new ICANN requirements, an automated system has been established to remind you 26 days, 10 days, and 2 days prior to domain expiration.  You will also be reminded 3 days after domain expiration.
  • These emails (from will be sent to your email contact of record as Registrant for the domain.  If you do not wish to renew the domain, simply ignore these emails.  They cannot be cancelled, except by renewing the domain.   Each email will provide a link to an online Renewal page where you may renew the domain immediately, online.
  • Note:  an additional fee of $1.00/domain name/year will be added for all online renewals.  However, during the period of renewal notices, you may still renew by responding directly to CME Websites for the prices as listed with our original invoice.

We encourage all customers of CME Websites’ domain registry services to provide us with both a primary and secondary email address, a postal mail address, and a phone number for contact regarding domain renewals.

After Your Domain Has Expired

Once your domain name expires, services associated with your domain name will cease. This may include email services and web hosting.

Renewal after Expiration

You have a minimum grace period of 8 days after your domain expires to contact CME and renew your registration at the originally invoiced price.  You may renew your expired domain at the regular price up until the domain enters its Redemption Period.

Redemption Grace Period

At some time AFTER domain expiration and AFTER the initial 8 day grace period, your domain will enter its Redemption Grace Period.  During the 30 Day Redemption Grace Period, CME will assist the customer in renewing their domain name at the Redemption Fee of$250.  (Note: The Redemption Fee represents CME’s direct cost to pull the domain out of Redemption.  CME adds neither staff costs nor a profit margin to the Redemption Fee.)

ICANN Compliance

These policies are in compliance with or superior to the policies mandated by the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names & Numbers (ICANN) in December, 2012.  (Expired Registration Recovery Process, aka ERRP)

For more information, Contact CME Websites today.

Domain Pricing

Renew or Register a Domain Name

CME Websites’ pricing for .com domains is as follows:

  • 1 Year  – $16.50/year
  • 5 to 10 Years –  $16.00/year
  • 10 years –  $15.75/year
  • 1 Year names – $30/year
  • Domains in Redemption – $250
  • ID Protect (hides ownership records of the domain) – $9.99/Domain/Year

Price may vary somewhat for .org. .net, and various other extensions.

Notifications from CME

All notifications regarding your domain name will come from CME at this web address: We strongly recommend you add to your email’s  “safe sender” or “trusted sender” list to assure than you receive all email correspondence from CME Websites regarding your domain name.

Following suggested best practices from ICANN, CME will never send a notification to an email address the functionality of which has been interrupted by a domain name expiration.

If we are aware than the email address of record on file is no longer functional, we will attempt to contact you via a secondary email address, and finally postal mail and phone number of record.

Contact CME Today

For any questions and concerns related to your domain name – from registration and renewal to what to do after expiration – please call CME at 724-523-3001 or visit our Contact Us page.


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